Country of Origin: Germany

Available at: EVO Solutions



KAHLA is one of the most successful German porcelain brands. In 1994, KAHLA was the first company in Europe to start a fully automatic flatware porcelain production line with a continuous-flow facility. Individual manual inspections in accordance with strict quality guidelines ensure the quality of every single product. KAHLA produces only hard-paste porcelain.

The balanced structure of the porcelain body intended to meet the needs of the end user results in an exceptionally high chip resistance of the plate rims for their hotel collections. In addition to the high density of the material compared to other ceramic materials, hard-paste porcelain also has the hardest, most abrasion-resistant glaze. Porcelain used in Kahla, programs for banquets additionally have impact-resistant rims. Hard-paste porcelain from KAHLA is microwave-safe, oven-safe and suitable for use in a salamander grill.

Customers in 60 countries value the multifunctional KAHLA products for the home, the hotel and restaurant sector and appreciate the customized promotional porcelain for corporate clients. The colors of the textile material of Kahla products remain vibrant permanently.