Country of Origin: Poland

Available at: EVO Solutions


The origins of LSA International are found in fashionable swinging sixties London with traditional brightly colored enamelware from Poland. Porcelain clay was made into plain white and patterned tableware, popular amongst consumers who sought practical and contemporary designs. The versatility of the material spurred experimentation with shape, color and decoration extends the range for the fashion-conscious consumer with their mouth-blown glass range.

With the exception of their recycled glassware range, Mia, all LSA handmade glass is produced from soda-lime glass - which is lead free, unlike crystal. Even today the company stays true to the original 5 materials - glass, porcelain, leather, wood and enameled steel. Their glass range is all handmade using different techniques

The company designs unique collections which demonstrates the complexity of glassmaking, blowing refined or complicated shapes and using lustered paint or richly colored glass, as well as simple yet functional pieces which reflects the love of entertaining and demonstrates an intuitive understanding of the way people live. Modern technology and centuries of tradition combine to produce vitrified porcelain of the highest quality.