Country of Origin: Germany

Available at: EVO Solutions


A significant provider of sanitary fittings and a leading company in Europe, Oras Groups mission is to make the use of water easy and sustainable. The company’s vision is to become the European leader of advanced sanitary fittings. Their brand, Oras, is a sister brand to Hansa.

The company believes in their key values; courage, fairness, effectiveness and openness. Certified with the Quality System Standard ISO 9001, Oras faucets cater to various market ranges. From the food industry to personnel sanitary facilities, households and schools, the Oras brand offers a wide range of product types and accessories for all customer needs in sanitary ware.

They have continually developed their products to meet the latest trends since inception during the 1950’s. All Oras faucets are identified with symbols that best highlight the unique features of their products, making it easy for a customer to identify a product that fulfills their needs and requests.