Country of Origin: Germany

Available at: EVO Solutions



Jan Philippi sees the beauty in things and transforms them into artistic pieces. No-nonsense items bearing a unique mark and style. He rises to life’s challenges and offers durable products for an ever-changing world that capture your heart, for yourself or as gifts for others.

Having had evolved into an internationally renowned brand with approximately 500 products within the past 25 years, Jan Philippi believes that their products must have passion, style, personality, precision, functionality, purism, zeitgeist, beauty, uniqueness, craftsmanship and lastly must be flaming hot. The Philippi brand consists of product ranges from between living accessories, tableware to travel accessories.

With a watchful eye for details, Jan Philippi tweaks the designs until the products meet the Philippi expectations and becomes market ready. Uncompromisingly creative, courageous and imaginative thinking associated with the healthy sense of business have made the Philippi brand what it is today.