Country of Origin: Germany

Available at: EVO Flooring


Porcelaingres follow in the development, presentation and marketing of their high-quality fine porcelain tiles. Non-conformism, receptiveness to innovation and awareness of the big picture; for Porcelaingres these are the elements of successful creation.

For them, the tile is not simply a building component – it is a design element for the individual conception of living spaces and lifestyles. Ever on the look-out for new ideas, designs and technological opportunities, they work closely with their partners, leading architects and interior designers to develop functional and sustainable architectural solutions with an innovative look.

Porcelaingres makes customized ceramic floor and wall products, with porcelain stoneware which are suitable for interiors, outdoor and building façades. The aim is to place their state-of-the-art technological competence at the service of sophisticated contemporary architecture. Porcelaingres has created a concept for fine porcelain which is appropriate to the material – with no imitation or inappropriate adornment.