Country of Origin: France

Available at: EVO Solutions




Revol is a French company specializing in culinary porcelain, managed by the same family for nine generations. Their choice of location is not only motivated by a return to their family roots, but is also explained by the quality of the soil: it contains not only superior clays and sands, but especially deposits of kaolin that favor the manufacture of more resistant pieces that are flameproof.

Today REVOL is a dynamic company, driven by talented people creating beautiful, functional, innovative and high-performance products. Revol produces over 4 million pieces per year exported to 84 countries including China and the United States. A collective success brought about by the joy of creating objects designed for the ‘pleasure of sharing’. Whether you’re in the kitchen or at the dinner table, all you need is one dish and REVOL is continuously striving to re-envision it for you!