Country of Origin: Germany

Available at: EVO Solutions


A porcelain factory founded in 1879, Schönwald has focused exclusively on professional porcelain. Being true masters of their craft, they develop solutions that precisely meet the exacting requirements of the hospitality industry. With over 40 different collections, 1,700 items in their portfolio, Schönwald at current exports to over 100 different countries worldwide.

Offering an attractive range of standard decors, each item from Schönwald has that special extra touch to it. Setting new technological standards in the industry, they have environmental and cost-saving factors that allows them production of over 45 million pieces annually. Schönwald teams draws up solutions that precisely meet their customers’ particular requirements and integrated seamlessly into the overall concept.

Their belief is that tableware today plays more than just a practical role, be it at an exclusive hotel or a company canteen. Their vast collection of porcelain items along with over 130 years of experience makes Schönwald unique.